Agriculture 4.0

To meet the challenge of global competition, farmers have to optimize their return on investment. The technology has established itself as a strong ally either through the development of drones or through partially or fully automatic machines. We are facing the so-called Agriculture 4.0.

Currently, drones are about to conquer agriculture from the sky. Especially when it comes to monitoring soil and water, there are many advantages with speed as the central added value. Browse for instance the health of the plants from the sky is significantly faster than from the ground, which makes drones are a serious alternative for farmers.

 Drones are the method of choice when efficiency is required

Efficiency is also key when it comes to automation and therefore another technological trend. Partially or fully automated machines can work quickly and reliably and help people to invest efforts where their labor is really necessary. This has several advantages in many agricultural settings where often only a limited number of workers available.

However, automation is more than this. Separation between man and machines for example with the help of GPS technology improves safety at work. And as automated machines work quickly, accurately and independently, also help reduce fuel consumption and energy.