Spanish oil at the top of world destinations

Spain’s oil has surpassed Italy’s oil in most of the world’s destinations, including emerging ones. But Asoliva’s packers are concerned about growing non-tariff barriers in the US, Australia and some Asian countries that could hamper trade.

The director of the Association of the Industry and Exporter of Olive Oil (Asoliva), Rafael Pico, said in an interview with Efeagro that “foreign markets are totally led by Spain”, including the US and Asia, and that the alleged supremacy Of Italy is already “a myth”.

According to Pico, Spain has always been a leader in exports, taking into account the physical exits to other destinations, especially thanks to the component of shipments to Italy, which is the main customer, which absorbs each year between 40 and 45% Of Spanish production.

About the USA, which consumes 50% of the world’s olive oil, it recalls that the positioning of Italian brands was historically very large, but that its leadership “is a thing of the past” because two or three years ago Spain overcame it, as It has also done so in markets such as Japan, India or China. There are only two destinations that resist and in which Italy sells more now: Germany and Canada.