The digital agriculture seeks its place in the European Union

The growing demand for agricultural products, combined with the need to protect the environment is increasingly pressing policy makers EU to finding innovative ways to “produce more with less.”

In addition, the volatility of food prices and agricultural markets has underscored the need to increase EU competitiveness worldwide so that the sector can survive long term. Many key industry players say that the CAP should take advantage of the current “digital revolution”, and introduce new technologies in the sector. The concept of “digital” or “precision” is focusing the debate on the new CAP for the period 2021-2017.

The European Commission considers that the development of precision agriculture will provide EU farmers new opportunities to increase productivity. Farmers and ranchers to adopt these techniques may make greater use of pesticides and fertilizers, and also contribute to the protection of land and aquifers, while will enhance the efficiency of production.

With the use of sensors, farmers can identify specific areas in fields that require special treatment, and thus, can focus on the use of chemicals specifically in the areas most in need, with a positive impact on the environment.

In fact, it is expected to release resources to encourage EU research in this field within the framework of the Alliance for Internet Innovation (AIOTI for its acronym in English). As part of this initiative a pilot-scale project will be financed amounting to 30 million euros.

source: Efeagro