The future of Inteligent Solar Irrigation System

The company Technology Based at the University of Cordoba IWES is revolutionizing irrigated agriculture with the Solar Inteligent irrigation System that is achieving a drastic drop is achieved energy costs of farms and irrigation communities and the consequent increase in profitability of the activity and improving sustainable management of water and energy resources models.

Due to the rise in electricity rates in recent years, energy costs have skyrocketed irrigation, which has caused a loss of yield in irrigated agriculture. As an alternative to this problem appears Intelligent Solar Irrigation.

The solar irrigation involves pumping water from wells, ponds, rivers, or other water storage system, using solar radiation energy, which is converted by photovoltaic modules into electrical energy with which the pumps are working.

Irrigation Solar Smart incorporates an intelligent system of energy management from photovoltaic modules, works with any pump AC of any power, integrates an advanced control system controls the zoning of the property and can integrate a remote management system .