The sale of rural properties increases

The National Statistics Institute (INE) shows that in 2015 again exceeded in the region 6,000 sales transactions of rural properties, which had not happened since 2008, and is a trend that is being maintained in the first half of 2016.

Specifically, last year were sold in Extremadura 6,046 farms representing an increase of 16% compared to 2014, when operations were 5,200, and 26% compared to the worst year of transactions in the last decade, that was 2010 with just 4,781.

The figures are still far from pre-crisis levels, but the increases in the past two years show that the market begins to stir, at least in the number of operations.Those responsible for the rustic estate also agree that this is an especially sensitive to political instability market because retracts to investors, and likewise influences the uncertainty about the possible end of CAP support that can stop doing profitable uses some crops and livestock.