The Spanish citrus production will reach seven million tonnes in 2016/17

The Departments of Agriculture of the three leading producing areas Valencia, Andalusia and Murcia-have already offered these days his official capacity forecast first campaign for its territory: 3,953,226 tons (+23,6%), 2,059. 883 tons (+10.5%) and 871,000 tons (+25%), respectively.

For Spain, the Citrus Management Committee (CGC) calculates a “normal production” of 7,088,421 tonnes in 2016/17, compared with 7,106,706 tons (+19.2%) planned for Spain by the Minister of Agriculture of Andalusia, Carmen Ortiz, or 6,884,109 tons totaling the first appraisals of the three main producing communities.

Ortiz stressed that the citrus sector is the third in importance of farming in Andalusia, with 12,000 farms and 85,000 hectares and 2016/17 production is 8.2% higher than the average of the last four seasons.

source: Efeagro