Iberian Fields offers a deep knowledge of the Spanish market and the ability to access to large opportunities in the sector, providing a completely personalized service in managing the sale of agricultural, livestock, forestry and hunting properties, finding the properties that best suit the needs of each client.

The market of rural properties varies greatly in all regions in Spain and Portugal, it is a very opaque market, with difficult access to certain assets and the resulting complex to obtain comparable information in the area. From Iberian Fields we help them to access opportunities within the sector, and to have references to a particular area in terms of prices, crops and productions in order to make a decision to purchase or sell with the necessary information.

DSC_0078Jacobo Martinez Benjumea, graduated in law degree from the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid (ICADE), directs Iberian Fields. Born in an Andalusian family with several generations dedicated to the agricultural sector, he decided to devote himself to the buying and selling of agricultural properties offering customers access to the sector, professional manner. He began his career in Romania, where he worked for six years on various projects. At first, to establish a subsidiary Inagro company dedicated to the management of properties, becoming one of the founders of the Investment Fund Gran Vía, dedicated to real estate transactions in the country with over 100 million invested, finally he advised Spanish companies in their implementation in Romania as Befesa Water. Back in Spain, he was founder and managing partner for four years Belbex.com, information tool aimed at giving property market more robust decision making, which includes a history of operations and databases of offices, shopping centers and retail.

Before starting Iberian Fields, he was working for Vela Energy Fund, dedicated to the purchase of photovoltaic assets in operation in Spain.